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About TruBridge


Inspiration, Transformation, Preservation...
The TruBridge Story can be Your Success Story.

On Inspiration:

TruBridge was inspired by the search for a better way to solve the problem of un-restorable, terminal dentition and to do it gently, atraumatically, non-invasively, and without removing healthy, viable, live tissue.

Our discovery was a special way to maintain the mouth's natural sockets and ridgeline, preserving the keratinized, attached gingiva (gums) for future implant placements.

After a specific amount of time, when the sockets have started to fill in with new, yet soft bone, dental implants can be placed without a drill or incision. They fill the former tooth sockets and restore harmony in the jaw bone. The tops of the implants are soon ready to receive a beautiful dental bridge without artificial gingiva. There is no need for artificial gingiva, as the patient's original gingiva is fully preserved.

By Comparison:

Complete removable dentures are the oldest method of treatment for dental replacement but also the bulkiest and unnatural feeling, covering the entire palate and vestibular corridors and a lower denture extends to the vestibule and to the lingual (tongue) side.

"Snap-on" dentures are still dentures, but have implant supported locators where the denture snaps-on.

The All-on-4™ or All-on-6™ method surgically removes the alveolar bone. Implants are placed at acute angles into the native bone below the roots. All this takes place under general anesthesia and the prosthetic is made while the patient is asleep. The prosthetic is thick and includes both artificial teeth and artificial gums.

On Transformation:

TruBridge is the truest and most natural and non-invasive way to restore a patient's smile. We start with the end result in mind and carry it out all the way to the finish line.

We begin with diagnostic models by digitally scanning the mouth and then capture a three dimensional X-ray (CBCT scan). With this data, we plan out where we will place the implants and how the final bridge will look. This provides such an amazing transformation for patients at very affordable costs.

On Preservation:

The TruRidge Preservation Process℠ is based on preserving the most tissue utilizing the favorable stages of healing for implant placement.

TruBridge simply gives you back your teeth. No artificial gums. No bulky or foreign feeling. Our breakthrough weighs about a quarter of other prosthetics. TruBridge has advanced the standard of quality and design in dental restoration to a whole new level.

  • Periodontal-integrated Implants ("Socket-based")
  • Minimally Invasive, Atraumatic Extractions
  • Zirconia-Strong, Ultra-Light
  • No Gum or Bone Loss
  • Preserves Ridgeline and Facial Contours
  • The Definitive Denture Upgrade
  • iCare Financial No Interest, No Credit Check Financing Available
  • Reclaim Your Smile!