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A Caped Crusader

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A Caped Crusader

Champions of new ideas demonstrate persistence in heroic proportions.

In bringing the TruBridge innovation to life, from theory to practice, Dr. Helena Soomer Lincoln has had to run a gauntlet of potential pitfalls and possibilities.

Before being afforded safe passage, the design and development of the TruBridge Dental Restoration™ and the TruRidge Preservation Process™ had to prove its worthiness — maintaining the contours of the original jawline without invasive bone reduction, achieving both underlying strength and ultra-light flexibility.

Today, yet another challenge is getting federal Medicare and state Medicaid  to make TruBridge an affordable reality as an alternative to outmoded dentures for those in lower income brackets.

Running the gauntlet of innovation comes naturally to Dr. Lincoln. One of the best analogies may be her commitment to run a 5K road race each and every week. To honor her commitment, Dr Lincoln has been awarded the Purple Cape (pictured here) a tribute to the first runner to complete twenty-five 5K races in a season.

These days we talk about those who possess a superpower,  who are true crusaders for what they believe in. Dr. Lincoln has now been recognized as a Caped Crusader.

Her superpower is in helping her patients reclaim the tru-est smile!