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A Petition With Teeth – Sign Your Name


A Petition with Teeth — Sign Your Name to Make Dental Restoration a
Fundamental Tenet of Health Care Insurance

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA — Via EINPRESSWIRE — Should affordable dental restorations that can replace a mouthful of missing teeth lost to gum disease, tooth decay or traumatic injury be considered a “cosmetic” procedure ineligible for personal health insurance coverage or a basic healthcare right? 

         An online petition seeking to connect oral health with overall human health and the millions of Americans who suffer in silence or are forced to leave the United States in hopes of affordable dental care in other countries, a concept known as “Dental Tourism,” wants governmental and private insurance entities to know — broken teeth are as important to care for as broken bones.
       A dedicated dentist in Washington State who has performed thousands of dental restorations in clinical and hospital settings is following in the footsteps of petitioners in New York State who reached a landmark agreement to cover dental implants and bridges last July.
      Dr. Helena Soomer Lincoln has developed an ultra-light, Zirconia-strong, U.S. patent-pending dental prosthetic that is a fraction of the weight, bulk and cost of other teeth replacements, including dentures. Her mission is to transform the lives of disregarded dental patients, working alongside industry leaders to transform the reality of oral health care.
    The costs of tooth replacement have averaged $40,000-$70,000 USD per arch including the leading brand treatment invented in Portugal.  Lincoln’s TruBridge Dental Restoration™ places new teeth inside their original sockets. There are no heavy, artificial gums, no bone reduction, nothing covering the roof of the mouth, and no facial deformities. The TruBridge procedure is less than $20,000 for upper and lower teeth.
A historic settlement in a federal class action lawsuit brought against the New York State Department of Health (DOH) on behalf of Medicaid recipients ended the strict limit denying coverage for crowns and root canals to individuals with more than four pairs of teeth, an archaic policy not aligned with modern US dental practice.
“With this settlement, millions of New Yorkers on Medicaid across the state will now have access to insurance covering a range of dental issues central to maintaining one’s overall health,” said Belkys Garcia, an attorney with the Civil Law Reform Unit at The Legal Aid Society.
 The Washington State petition espouses that:
• Everyone should have the same opportunity to live a healthy life.
•  No one should be denied the dental restoration that will help them live a normal life, have a good job, and be able to eat, speak and breathe without impairment or obstruction.
• It is our responsibility to advocate and mobilize for the many who don’t have access to oral health care and dental restoration.
Healthier mouths mean healthier people. And healthier people mean stronger communities. To reach this goal, Dr. Lincoln’s TruBridge Dental is committed to giving more people the keys they need for good oral health. 
To sign the petition and add your name to those who are building millions of smiles for dental patients across America, visit
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