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The Economies of TruBridge


The Economics Behind TruBridge: A Dream Come True

    How the TruBridge Dental Restoration Cut the Cost of Implant-Based Bridges by Up to 70%.


What took so long for dentists to offer patients a lightweight alternative to bone implants and artificial gums that tilted the scales of weight and cost?

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2023  — In the sleepy little town of Bainbridge Island, approachable from the Emerald city of Seattle not by bridge but by ferry boat, a U.S. patent pending bridge of a different kind, one that installs gently over the gums and jawline of the human mouth, is making dreams come true.

Called TruBridge™, the ultra-light, zirconia-strong, teeth-only upper and lower arches, have been designed and engineered at a fraction of the weight and cost to fit comfortably into the original gingival sockets in the mouth’s natural gumline. TruBridge does not require invasive drilling or removal of the jawbone or gums as other heavy acrylic devices  and dentures have imposed on patients for decades.
Dr. Helena Soomer Lincoln, a dentist trained in both Europe and the United States, who has performed thousands of non-invasive restorations of distressed or missing teeth in both dental and hospital settings, not only earned both D.D.S. and PhD degrees in dental science but became a renowned expert in forensic dentistry as well as odontology before settling in this island community and deciding to specialize in transformative dental procedures.
Using computer modeling techniques created through intra-oral CBCT scans that map the bumps in the natural ridge line, Dr. Lincoln’s methods preserve the integrity of the mouth’s gingival sockets allowing titanium implants to be secured by regenerating tissue in a matter of weeks and the teeth-only bridges to restore the truly original smile.
As a result, patients look and feel as if they have had their original teeth restored without any changes to the  shape or contour of their face or chin, or covering the roof of the mouth like other prosthetics.
What took so long for dentists to offer patients a lightweight alternative to bone implants and artificial gums that tilted the scales of weight and cost?  The typical dental bridge can involve more than three dental offices — a periodontist, prosthodontist and lab technician in addition to the referring dentist.  
The TruBridge solution and TruRidge Preservation Process℠ can all be produced under one roof, cutting the time and cost of the procedure by up to 70%.  The breakthrough is making dreams come true at a practice known as Fairy Tale Dental, voted “Best on the Island.” 
“The most gratifying feedback from patients is that they forget that it is a bridge and feel as if they never lost their teeth in the first place. I am so moved by the positive feedback that it brings tears of joy to my eyes,” says Dr. Lincoln, who is the mother of five.
The Website features a 3-D video simulation spotlighting the transformation. Contact 1-866-TRU-BRIDGE (878-2743) for more information.


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