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The 5K Mind-Body Connection 

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The 5K Mind-Body Connection 

The mind-body connection is very much alive on Bainbridge Island where these hearty 5K trail runners braved the wintry weather and intermittent rain showers for the island’s first 5K parkrun along the waterfront track at historic Fort Ward Park.

Dr. Helena Soomer Lincoln, shown here in Ninja black running suit and gray cap, knows the benefits of sound body, mind and, we would hasten to add, healthy teeth and gums. The good doctor has done weightlifting since she was the tender age of seven years old. Today she can bench press over 100 lbs!

When Helena was just 10 years old, she won a judo match as a member of her native Estonia junior team. The tournament was being held in Belarus and, at the time, Estonia was under the iron rule of the Soviet Union. Winning her weight class in judo set Dr. Lincoln on a path to a lifetime of health and fitness, a path that now stretches out by 5K each weekend at the island parkruns. Catch Dr. Lincoln on the 5K trail. But you better be quick — she covered the distance in under 40 minutes!