• Everyone should have the same opportunity to live a healthy life.
  • No one should be denied the dental restoration that will help them live a normal life, have a
    good job, and be able to eat, speak and breathe without impairment or obstruction.
  • It is our responsibility to advocate and mobilize for the many who don’t have access to oral health care and dental restoration.

These are the values of TruBridge Dental.

The health of the mouth influences other aspects of health — and vice versa. Yet, millions of Americans must go to great lengths to address simple oral health needs. Many people don’t have the keys they need to unlock the doors to things like health insurance coverage or providers who speak their language or accept their insurance.

Some don’t even have keys to necessities like fluoridated water, nutritious food, or basic insurance coverage. Take the case of one such American. Egan lost his teeth two decades ago in a workplace accident. He finally received his first set of dentures last month after waiting hours in line at a free medical clinic. Egan isn’t alone. We need to make sure that affordable dental restorations are available through insurance like Medicare and Medicaid.

Healthier mouths mean healthier people. And healthier people mean stronger communities. To reach this goal, TruBridge Dental is committed to giving more people the keys they need for good oral health. [TBD]